Artistic illustration of two hands, one human and one robotic, with index fingers pointing at each other. Background features a black hexagonal pattern with electric blue light accents. Symbolizes the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

Challenging Artificial Intelligence hype

Questioning AI’s Intelligence

The question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) truly embodies intelligence has always intrigued me. It seems odd to label a computer program as intelligent, regardless of its sophistication, considering that such programs merely automate tasks anticipated by humans.

Advancements and Concerns

Undoubtedly, AI has made significant advancements, allowing for logical conversations with bots that can deceive us into believing we’re interacting with humans. In today’s world, AI is becoming increasingly relevant, poised to play a vital role not only in the maritime industry but in every aspect of our lives.

Personal Experience and Reflections

This blog entry is not a scientific analysis of AI but rather a platform to share my views and experiences with it. Over time, we’ve witnessed the remarkable capabilities of AI, particularly with the advent of ChatGPT, while also acknowledging concerns about its potential for unchecked power. The prevalence of movies and stories depicting robots overpowering humans has undoubtedly influenced these concerns.

My personal experience with ChatGPT mirrors that of many others. Initially impressed by its conversational abilities, I decided to test its intelligence further. However, when confronted with more complex questions, particularly in areas like thermodynamics that interest me professionally, ChatGPT struggled, offering apologies and contradictions instead of coherent responses.

AI’s Limitations and Strengths

While I’m not an AI expert, my understanding is that ChatGPT relies on a vast database of written text. While powerful algorithms certainly contribute, I question whether ChatGPT could exhibit its current level of cleverness without this database. Is this truly intelligence? In my opinion, it’s not.

There’s often talk of AI’s ability to write code, but my limited experience suggests otherwise. As someone not well-versed in IT, I’ve found that the code suggested by ChatGPT often falls short of expectations, especially when working on website design.

Another instance where ChatGPT disappointed me was in solving a puzzle featured on this blog. Despite its linguistic prowess, ChatGPT provided an incorrect solution, indicating a lack of true understanding and critical thinking.

However, I must acknowledge ChatGPT’s strength in generating text, particularly for non-native speakers like myself. It aids in finding precise terms or expressions that may elude us, though it falls short of true intelligence. Despite this, I’m not concerned about robots taking control of the planet anytime soon.

Share Your Thoughts on AI

What are your thoughts on AI? Whether you’re an expert or simply curious like me, I invite you to share your opinions and experiences.