An unexpected F.B.I. visit is always a reason for concern, isn’t it?

When I designed this website, I was overly optimistic—or perhaps I just didn’t think it through enough. I created a blog section and proudly placed it in the main menu. Soon, I realized it looked a bit sparse on its own. To address this, I added subcategories: Life at Sea, Maritime, and a few more blah, blah, blah… Now, I face the dilemma of how to fill these sections with content. Like everyone else, I have work to do and not much time for writing blogs.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story and appreciate your patience as I work on the next one. By the way, if you have a funny story to share, please contact us. I’d love to publish it!

Here’s an old story from my time at sea. This happened in the USA while our vessel was in port, undergoing operations. It was a port the ship frequently called at. Despite visiting the place many times, I never had the opportunity to go ashore. However, I do remember Mr. Raj. He was the loading master, and he was a really nice guy. He was always ready for a pleasant conversation during the long hours of port operations. Unfortunately, we engineers couldn’t spend too long in conversations. During busy times, you have to work and try to sleep when you can.

Back to my story—the reason why no one can forget Mr. Raj is that he was huge. He was probably the tallest and bulkiest man I have ever seen.

The Plot 😉

One day, in the middle of our stay at that particular port, a rumor spread like wildfire: The chief mate had informed everyone of an imminent, unexpected F.B.I. visit. Even if your papers are in order and you haven’t committed any crimes, the idea of the F.B.I. being involved is always a cause for concern. The news spread quickly, and everyone wondered why the federals would come on board. Was some crewmember involved in something bad? That seemed unthinkable, as it was all nice fellows on board. However, when you work on a ship, you may be friends with some crew members, but very often, most of the staff are almost strangers to you. So, who knows?

The Denouement 😊

After a couple of tense hours with no sign of the F.B.I., someone finally mustered the courage to ask the captain about the supposed visit. The captain, who was not aware of what was going on, immediately called the Chief Mate. That’s when everything made sense—there had been a misunderstanding about the unexpected F.B.I. visit. It turned out he never meant that federal agents were about to board the vessel. We then learned that F.B.I. stood for ‘F…ing Big Indian’—where the f-word denotes his size, no disrespect intended.

The entire crew let out a collective sigh of relief, followed by laughter. It was one of those moments where you realize how easily misunderstandings can escalate, especially in a high-stress environment like a ship at port. And from then on, every time Mr. Raj came on board, we couldn’t help but chuckle and remember the time we thought the F.B.I. was about to raid our ship.